Sport Premium

In the school year 2016-17 we received 8,880 for sport.  We are spending it on.......

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Spending Summary 2016/17

Expenditure   Activity Impact
4,200 Sport Coaching Provide extracurricular PE clubs for both KS1 and KS2.
More variety of clubs to ensure all pupils have access to an activity they enjoy without any financial restrictions.
Raise standards for PE across the school through continuing professional development for staff.
More confident teaching from class teachers will result in more engaging and enjoyable PE.
400 PE Association Membership Fee Increased opportunities for competitive sport.  Children participate in a number of tournaments.
Festival of Youth Sport
Tag Rugby Event
English Schools Football Affiliation
Multi-skills Festival
Swimming Gala
Professional development for staff.
200 1:1 Support Support for children with additional needs, to ensure a fully inclusive approach to our extra-curricular sport activities.
690 Supply Cover Allows children opportunity to take part in sporting events during school time.
950 PE Equipment Resources to promote new sporting activites in school such as basketball.
804 Extra Swimming Lessons To promote confidence in the pool - block lessons for an intensive, catch up programme offered to Y6 pupils.
350 CPD Training Additional training offered for teaching swimming for both teachers and teaching asssistants who accompany the children.
320 Competition Training Specific training and opportunities for children to particpate in a gymnastics competition.
980 Resources for teachers Dance Package purchased to aid dance teaching (an area of need)
Evaluation Package purchased to enable teachers to evaluate lessons and pupils' progress.
100 Sports Kit for competitions Children show pride in representing the school sports teams.
Increased participation.